American Catholic Hymnbook

Published by American Catholic Press (ACP), the American Catholic Hymnbook has been available since 1967 to aid in prayer sung by the congregation. The American Catholic Hymnbook includes music from every ethnic tradition, including African, Austrian, Croatian, Filipino, German, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Slovak and more. The hymnbook features hymns in the spirit of liturgical renewal, such as prayer through Christ and the Church as the unity of Spirit. It has a great selection of hymns for congregations to celebrate the entire liturgical year.

The American Catholic Hymnbook offers songs for regular Sunday worship, children’s masses, posadas, reconciliation, funerals, and other services. The hymnbook uses the largest type of any comparable hymnal to provide clear and easy reading.

The American Catholic Hymnbook is available in a variety of editions, including melody edition, guitar edition, and accompaniment edition. It is also available in hardcover and paperback. To order your American Catholic Hymnbook, click here.